WillPlanner.co.uk and Our Goal To Be More Eco-Friendly

At willplanner.co.uk we are striving to reduce our carbon footprint and be more sustainable. We are aware that businesses can use a significant amount of paper, plastic, and energy, so we are always looking for ways we can give back to the planet.

Doing our bit for the planet is about making responsible decisions to reduce any negative impact on the environment. Also, it will help us to be more efficient and save energy costs.

Here you can view what we do become a more sustainable business model. We hope to set an example and lead the way for other businesses to improve their green credentials.

Eco Friendly Office Stationery:

Recycled Printer Paper:
In the office we get through a lot of printer paper, and we now use recycled paper for the office printer and copier. The paper is produced from 100% recovered fibre and is certified to FSC standard. No chlorine bleaching is used during its manufacture.

We are also planning to move towards a paperless office over time, saving further resources.

Biodegradable A4 Labels:
We have recently discovered a superb source of biodegradable labels to use on our envelopes that we send out to customers. The labels are made from sugar cane fibre and are completely biodegradable and compostable. This means that the labels can be left on paper and cardboard packaging and put straight in the composter! They are more expensive than the standard paper labels, but the quality and green credentials mean that they are well worth the investment. As a cheaper alternative, there are also recycled paper labels made from 100% post consumer waste. The company is called Cloud Labels and you can buy online.

Eco Friendly Packaging:
We are striving to cut down on packaging and also using more sustainable options wherever possible.

50% of British consumers would choose an eco-friendly packaging option at a higher price.
69% believe companies should be required by law to use eco-friendly packaging, even if it means a price increase.
75% of British consumers want online retailers to offer more eco-friendly materials when packing their orders to minimise waste.
75% of international consumers would pay more for sustainable packaging.

Energy Saving:

LED Lighting:
All of our incandescent bulbs have now been replaced with low energy LED equivalents, saving of 80% in energy costs.

Switching Off Equipment:
Upon leaving the office, all of our electronic equipment is switched off so that no unnecessary energy is consumed whilst the office is closed.

Use energy efficient electrical appliances
Most new electronic items have energy star ratings on them to show their efficiency. The next time your appliances need replacing, do an energy check on your next items to see which ones are most beneficial in terms of low energy usage.

Recycle electronic appliances
A lot of electronic equipment ends up in landfill. If you change your electronic items, look into how these can be recycled. Electronic retailers sometimes have recycling programmes that you can use, especially if your items are only a few years old. Remember to wipe any data before passing them on for recycling.


To reduce the environmental impact of our business, we encourage staff to take more eco-friendly transport to work, like cycling, walking or using hybrid or fully electric cars. Back in 2017, road transport represented a fifth of the UK’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing our reliance on cars is important in meeting future emissions targets.
The recent pandemic has demonstrated that many business meetings can be held virtually. Corporate travel is limited whenever possible in order to save emissions, and meetings are held virtually unless it is not practical to do so.

Waste Reduction:

Encouraging recycling and reusing is important in any green business. If you’re a retail business, you could sell branded reusable products like shopping bags and coffee cups. As an office-type business, we ensure that we have the recycling bins available and promote best eco practices.
Once clear bins for paper, cardboard, and plastic are provided, people will soon get into the habit of using them. Since many households now have to separate rubbish, people will most likely already be used to this concept.

Plant shrubs and trees

Trees and shrubs are a vital part of the ecosystem, and help to act as filters for pollution. They produce oxygen, improving the air quality that is essential for you and your employees. Shade from trees may also help to cool down your office from powerful sunlight, creating a cooler office space.

Using local and sustainable suppliers/partners

There are many benefits to sourcing local goods including improving the environmental impact of your business. It’s also an excellent way to take advantage of the opportunities available in your local area. Partnering with local suppliers can also work wonders for your brand image and is great for supporting your local community and local economy.

Improving the sustainability of your business can bring cost savings and opportunities for growth, but when you’re managing a business through difficult times, it could easily fall by the wayside. Hopefully our ideas above will help other small businesses looking for ideas to improve the green credentials of their business.